Why #ImWithHer is really #ImNotWithHim

Social media is always a tool in elections these days but the #ImWithHer is a symbol of the detour Hillary Clinton and her campaign took in this race. Early on, the focus was on Clinton’s policies and experience. She was the calm professional opposite the crazy new guy.

Both candidates have stumbled through this campaign trail. Scandal after scandal lay strewn across the internet like the wreckage of the car crash this election has become.

Email scandal, leaked recordings of Trump talking about sexually assaulting women, FBI opening and closing investigations, republicans withdrawing support, tax records, awkward debates. If either candidate was facing another opponent, the election would be over by now.



Trump made it personal. From the start. That was always his game plan and to his credit he has stuck to it. I am a follower of politics but I don’t think I know Trump’s policies on almost anything but that strategy has gained him support.

The Debates came too soon for Clinton. She herself managed to stay on message of being the polished professional while Trump hit the self-destruct button. On the debating stage is when Clinton is most at home. The battle on Twitter and social media in general is where Trump has won some battles.

In an era of elections being contested on social media, perhaps it is of no surprise that a reality TV star is in the running to be the next president of the USA.

Clinton lost her strategy as Twitter and Facebook flooded with anti-trump posts followed by #imwithher. Very few pro-Hillary posts preceded the hashtag. As the email scandal took over the Clinton campaign, she was no longer the whiter than snow candidate so she went personal and that is why this race is closer than it ever should have been.

Clinton’s ads used sound bites of Trump talking about women, children, violence and immigrants while children or women watched. It was an effective anti-trump ad but again it told us very little of Clinton.

We have heard more about what Clinton will do in the White House from Trump and vice versa. I don’t think the winner of this election will be the most popular candidate, they will just be the least hated one.



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