Ice resistant economics

In the billions of years our planet has existed, it has seen some bad times, the extinction of whole species, the ice ages Etc. This week will not rank among the greatest for our planet.

Firstly, Donald Trump was elected president and he does not believe in global warming. Part of me hopes he doesn’t believe in it because if he believes it and just doesn’t care that is worse.

President-elect Trump has pledged to cut funding to prevent global warming and pledged to dismantle the EPA. Trump referred to the human effects on global warming as a “hoax”.


This is concerning! That was an understatement.

Barrack Obama cared about global warming. It was a signature issue for him and yet during his presidency, very little was agreed. Imagine what will happen when there is a President who doesn’t even believe there is a problem.

As much as some people may want to blame Trump for global warming as well as everything else, this one is not on Donald. We made a mess of this before he was ever even born and it looks like we will be making a mess of it long after he leaves the Oval office.

Today EPA announced Ireland would exceed their greenhouse gas emission limits for 2020. Minister Denis Naughton was not worried and said the right legislation is in place to solve the emission crisis by 2050.

The problem here is that the issues are getting pushed down the line when we don’t have time. If Trump dismantles the EPA and cuts funding, he will set us back years. It will be 4 possibly 8 years before there will be an attitude change in the White House.

By the time 2050 comes around and we eventually see if Minister Naughton is correct about global warming, he won’t be in office and nobody will remember what he said today.

Global warming are two words I have been hearing my whole life but the issue seems to take a permanent back seat when other issues come up. Who cares about global warming when a budget is being announced or a new president is being elected?

The irony is, we are focusing on things that will not exist if we do not address global warming. The dinosaurs could have had the most advanced banking system and stock market ever! It wouldn’t function quite as well covered in ice. What do I know maybe Donald Trump will create ice resistant economics?


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