Disneyland at 21

Many people remember Disneyland fondly as a 6 or 7 or maybe even 11 year old but I was much later to the show. But it was worth the wait.

My Disneyland Paris adventure was only one day in a 4-day trip to Paris. One day is not enough but it is better than nothing.

I was slightly apprehensive when we first arrived, ‘What if I hate all the rides?’ ‘What if I am scared of the adult rides?’. These are the innocent worries of a person who never made it to Disneyland as a child.

My apprehension dissipated early on as I saw the Halloween themed park in all its glory.


The rides were so much fun and so many of the best rides were exclusive to Paris Eg Ratatouille and Indiana Jones.

I pre-booked my Disneyland ticket which included return transport from the centre of Paris and skip the line on all rides in the park. This ticket cost €100 but it is worth the money. There are two main parks and this ticket will allow you access to both.

I won’t give anything away about any rides as it may spoil them for anybody yet to visit Disneyland Paris. I will make a few recommendations though. You have to go on Thunder Mountain (It’s a Disney classic), Space Mountain, Crush Coasters and Ratatouille.

Thunder Mountain is a classic Disney ride

There are of course so many good rides not mentioned above but those are the highlights. If you think another ride should be in there drop a comment below. I have also visited DisneyWorld Florida this year (I will have that post up soon!!!)

The main point I am hoping to make here is that Disneyland is not only for children or families of 4 or 5. I went with my girlfriend. Just two twenty-somethings enjoying the joys of Disney. Fun has no age restrictions.


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