Staying at home to travel

I have not blogged in so long. I would love to say it’s because I have been busy travelling the world but unfortunately I was just busy with college work. I did take a trip to Galway which inspired this post.

I have been catching up on reading blogs and I have noticed how many travel bloggers travel their own countries before heading abroad. That got me thinking about what Ireland had to offer. I got a trip to Galway for Christmas and I returned to Dublin yesterday.

The train took 2 and a half hours but we had reserved seats, WiFi, and catering on board so it was no struggle at all. Galway is a beautiful city but it is exceptionally cold in January so I advise planning some indoor activities before you arrive.

The intention of this trip was to relax in the hotel’s amazing spa as my girlfriend and I have a big few months ahead of us with college and jobs so we needed a relaxing break away from home.


Admittedly we don’t live in Canada, USA or Australia where we can travel across the country and get a vastly different experience but still Galway was different. Our room had the most amazing view and the sunrise was as good as anywhere else in the world.


The people were friendly and the traditional Irish food was delicious and really affordable. Galway made me realise how expensive Dublin really is. I would have loved to spend longer in Galway and I would definitely go back but for now I am busy planning Summer 2017 and how to pass exams before then!

I have started to look at international travel bloggers who have visited Ireland to get tips on where they enjoyed. I want to see more of this country of mine and what it has to offer.



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