Time to make a big decision

Usually I only write about places I have already visited and I like to offer tips and warnings about these places. I have had an opportunity to work in Boston for the Summer.

My job has offered places to students who wish to work in Boston between June and September 2017 on a J1 visa. Usually these things wouldn’t appeal to me because of the practicalities; I have college, my girlfriend is here, could I afford it, could I live alone in a different country for 3 months. But something has been gnawing at me this time.

Maybe I should just apply and see what happens? The contract is until the end of September and I will be starting final year of college at the beginning of September. Is that a legitimate excuse not to go or am I just looking for reasons because I am too scared? I’m not sure.

If I apply there is absolutely no guarantee that I would get the job but if I did get it and pulled out it would look extremely unprofessional. I also have my braces on and I return to my orthodontist monthly so that would be effected.

I have never had a yearning to see Boston but something is telling me to throw myself in the deep end and just apply. I have plans to do some more travel this year with a return to Florida and a trip to New York on the cards along with more travels of Ireland but this would all be cancelled if I got the job in Boston.

I have until Monday to apply, I don’t often find myself this torn and I am very often the most decisive person in the world but this decision has me twisted.



  1. Apply πŸ™‚ Part of my life has been looking at things I could have done. Its only for 3 months, you may not get it – but you won’t get it if you do not apply, it will be the experience of a lifetime. If you do get it, it will be only 3 months. You never know unless you go!

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