How Trump created his own media

President Trump has made an enemy of the media, something previous presidents would have done at their peril but not President Trump.

Trump has used Twitter to announce the signing of executive orders and basically had a diplomatic argument with Mexico over social media. The use of Twitter has allowed President Trump to say whatever he wants and the media are constantly reacting. Twitter is allowing Trump to set the agenda.

I probably should point out that this is not a pro or anti-Trump post. I am interested in how he has manipulated the media to get himself in the oval office and how he is continuing to do so.

In a world of brevity and 24 hour news cycle, the media has often been sensational on Trump and at times been incorrect or unfair. In a week of executive orders on the environment, abortion, Mexico, voter fraud and more the media was sidelined by the size of crowds at the inauguration.

“Fake News” and “Alternative Facts” were two phrases which threw the global media into a frenzy while Trump continued to sign executive orders. If the media use facts and logic to challenge Trump instead of getting caught in sound bites and crowd size arguments then his presidency will be truly challenged.

The media should also recognize that the orders Trump are signing were ones he promised on the campaign trail so we should not be surprised and we should probably stop acting like every American is disgusted with his actions. A lot are, the majority are but he won the election on those promises. If the system is flawed you can’t blame Trump for that.

The rest of the world needs to realize America is important but we need to focus on ourselves and voting for people we want to run our country. President Trump will almost certainly only last 4 years so the media needs to hold on to their values and not be caught in the social media war with Trump.




  1. I honestly don’t think he’ll even last four years. It is interesting but the whole thing is also extremely concerning. If Trump was the leader of… say… Bulgaria, I would still be disgusted but I wouldn’t be worried. Trump has the ability to knock us all back into a recession again (among other disaster scenarios) and honestly I had enough of that the last time round.

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