How Chinese investment is ruining the beautiful game

Football has lost all sense of money and value. It did that a long time ago but it has not plateaued, instead, it grew exponentially. It started with the “Top 4” of English football spending crazy money on distinctly average players (Gary Cahill).

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich were the only real big guns in terms of spending outside of England. PSG have now entered that league while Juve, and the two Milan teams still keep their spending relatively low.

Eventually other teams such as teams such as Borussia Dortmund and Atletico Madrid have made a market for themselves by selling their stars to top European clubs and successfully reinvesting time and again.

Now there are new players to the game but all they have is money. No disrespect to the Chinese clubs but nobody watches their league in Europe and we won’t start now because Oscar has arrived.

The damage is being done in terms of the knock-on effect. Players in England will start demanding even bigger salaries and transfer fees. Agents will push transfers to get a cut of the fee. At least if Manchester United or Chelsea, Barcelona or Real Madrid pay €80 million for a player, they have a reasonable chance at success and will play to millions of people every week.

Who will pay when the next generation of players demand more money or they threaten to leave for China? We will. The supporters. The cost of tickets are rising, most teams have 3 jerseys per season not including training outfits which are all close to €80 each. We are constantly being asked to pay a little more.

Chinese clubs should focus on developing their own game. Attracting big name coaches may be more beneficial. They are throwing money at the problem and that does not help their game. The US teams did that and they are nowhere near as successful as they would have hoped when they signed Kaka, Beckham, Keane etc.

The Chinese clubs will not become Barcelona overnight or even in a few years but we will have to pay for their experiment to keep our top players at our clubs. I don’t believe any top player wants to play in China but a big offer is a powerful bargaining chip come deadline day.

Careers go to the MLS to die. Now they are going to the Chinese league to experience a very lucrative premature death.


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