Super Bowl LI: A record breaker

Super Bowl night is the one night of the year that Europe or at least Ireland and the UK. The time differences mean we have to sacrifice sleep to be a part of the conversation the next morning. BUT what a conversation that is.

I was listening to a different language for the first half. “Line of scrimmage”, “The quarterback got sacked”. I couldn’t see the ball most of the time but just like the Patriots, I got in to the game in the second half.

Lady GaGa performed the half time show at Super Bowl LI

The passion and commitment by the players was on another level. Super Bowl earned the right to be called one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

Listening to commentators talk about Tom Brady, you got the sense you were watching the Lionel Messi of NFL and something huge could happen. The New England Patriots ran out eventual winners 34-28. The biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.

If Super Bowl LI was scripted and put in a movie people would say it was too fictitious. The Falcons had a 21 point lead, Tom Brady needed to win to be a record breaker with 5 Super Bowl titles, the first overtime in Super Bowl history and then with the last play the Patriots and Tom Brady did the impossible.

Sometimes it’s not important to know all the rules and tactics to a sport. Sometimes it’s just good to enjoy the passion and nothing beats a comeback story.


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