Have you ever found your perfect destination?

I hate when people visit the same places every year. I know people who stay in the same resort every year! EVERY YEAR!

I am not one of those people but last Summer I visited Orlando, FL and I loved it so when I got the opportunity to go again this Summer it was impossible to turn  down.

Firstly, there is the price. Two weeks in Florida is only marginally more expensive than two weeks in some of Europe’s top destinations.

Secondly, we are staying in Cabana Bay Beach Resort which looks unbelievable. Considering the price is marginally higher, the facilities are so good. The hotel has restaurants, bowling, lazy river, swimming pool etc.


Finally and most importantly, I find there is so much more to do in Florida than in other destinations around Europe. There are so many theme parks and nature reserves as well as restaurants and shopping opportunities.

I have visited Rome between these two trips and will continue to visit other places but I merely scratched the surface of Orlando. I won’t become the person who will never visit anywhere but Orlando.

I assume it’s normal to find that one destination that suits you personally the best. Whether it’s the weather, nature, theme parks, skiing or landmarks, one place may stick out to visit more than once.

There are so many activities to do in Florida Including mini-golf

This August I will return to Florida. For two weeks we will try to dig deeper in to what Orlando has to offer and when we return we will undoubtedly look forward to our next trip to somewhere different. But for now I suppose we are going to the same place but it will be a different holiday. As the saying goes; if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.


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