The reaction to Trump’s congress speech is unwise

Trump doesn’t like the media.

That’s hardly breaking news. I have read multiple opinion pieces about how the way to prove him wrong is to stick to good quality journalism.

Fact-checking, using multiple sources, ethics and all the other attributes associated with journalism are going to prove him wrong. I agree.

So it is the day after Trump’s first speech to the joint congress. Trump toned down his stance on some issues and didn’t on others but it was undoubtedly one of his better speeches.

So today he got credit from the ethical press he hates so much right? No. It would be immensely difficult to praise a man who has been so horrible to the media but that is what must be done.

If the media is critical of President Trump for the “wrong” things he says but is also critical of him when he says the “right” thing, then he will have proof or at least evidence that the media don’t like him and therefore can’t be trusted to report on him.

Irish journalist Fintan O’Toole used the phrase “Feel Bad Feeling” (FBF) when talking about Donald Trump. O’Toole says Trump loves bad news because he can then present himself as having the answer or solution to the bad news.

It’s clever but he is hardly the first politician to do it. The media continue to feed him bad news.  The President is turning the bad news into ammunition and taking aim straight back at the media.

Starving him of his ammunition may be the only way to stop the onslaught on the media.


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