Working abroad

Vacations are great. Two weeks in the sun is a perfect remedy from work, college or whatever normal life means to you.

Yes, vacations are great but what would make them better? Staying longer. And work? Yes, for me the opportunity to work abroad is something I would love to do.

I found out too late about an opportunity to work in Florence Italy this Summer. I applied nonetheless but too late.

I also applied for a travel writing scholarship in the Balkans. Hopefully that applications will be successful. I never thought writing in the Balkans would be something I wanted to do but I want to say yes to more opportunities now.

Finding a career abroad and setting up a life abroad is still not something I would be too keen on but I would love to spend a summer in another country working and living.

A J1 is appealing but it is so commonly done and I don’t know how much I’d like it. I would much rather visit Eastern Europe, Asia or Scandinavia.

These are just some ideas and thoughts on how to spend my Summer after college. I have savings and free time so hopefully I get to have one great Summer somewhere different to home before I start my adult life of bills, mortgages and all the other grown up mature stuff.

Have you any advice? Any little known programmes or scholarships that I don’t know about? If so please share your stories, hints and tips with me below.



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