Bucket lists

At 22 I have seen some of the things I have always wanted to and more! But there still is more I want to see and of course there always will be.

If you have done any of the things on my list below please get in touch about your experiences.

1. Volunteering

I have always volunteered in some capacity at home but I would love to combine this with travel. There are some amazing humanitarian causes and animal sanctuaries which I would love to work with while experiencing a new and different cultures.

Volunteering can offer amazing non-monetary rewards to those involved. The difficulties surrounding volunteering is that the volunteer must be in a financial position to work for free for a period of time.

2. ย Cruise

Many people have said a cruise holiday are for a slightly older traveler. I see a cruise as a fantastic opportunity to visit several countries on the same trip while also spending some time at sea.

Many people travel around the world to visit Europe, Asia, America or Australia but while air fares are so expensive it may be hard to visit more than one or two countries on each continent.

Great cruise opportunities arise for travel to the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and Asia. Cruise holidays have also become more and more affordable as they have become more popular.

3. Iceland

Iceland has been the rising star of travel and tourism in recent years and its popularity has grown hugely. From the natural wonders to the food and people of Iceland, there are more reasons than ever to visit the island.


Flights are becoming more frequent and more affordable with WOW.com and others now flying to Reykjavik from European cities. Bloggers and social media personalities have been front and centre in promoting Iceland and all it has to offer. Instagram and Snapchat are excellent platforms for the extremely photogenic country.

4. Safari

Many people adopt animals or sponsor animal sanctuaries around the world. Animals also provide tourism to many countries in Africa and Asia especially.

Animal habitats and environmental sustainability are providing excellent holidays in places such as Kenya, Cambodia, South Africa and many more.

Safair SA.net

These holidays are enjoyable, educational and provide more than a fleeting sense of relaxation for a week or fortnight but rather they provide a lasting sense of understanding and achievement.

5. Washington D.C

Being a love of politics and history, I have always wanted to visit Washington D.C. While Washington doesn’t receive the same hype as New York or L.A, it does offer its visitors plenty to do.

The White House and the Smithsonian museum are the two big hitters in Washington D.C for tourists. A place of history and education which is often overlooked, Washington D.C is close enough to New York, New Jersey and other areas so the visit does not have to begin and end at the White House tour.


There are multiple places I have left off the list for the sake of brevity but if there is any place I have obviously missed out on please let me know.








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