Mourinho adds Matic signing

Much has been made about price and ability of players in this transfer window. Kyle Walker cost £50 million so I’m going to say much of the criticism is warranted. 

Money plays a huge role in signings and has overtaken passion and desire to win trophies but the signing of Nemanja Matic shows that managers still have some influence in the market. 

If Van Gaal or Moyes was in charge at United we would be seeing Matic holding up a Juventus jersey at the moment. Mourinho has pulling power in the market and United are reaping the rewards. 

Mourinho’s signings are tactical and precise. Every pundit with a vague interest in football could tell United needed a centre back, holding midfielder and a striker to replace Zlatan. Despite the usual rumours about Neymar, Bale and Co. Mourinho was precise in the market. 

So far we have had the positives of United’s transfer policy but it may prove costly. For every new United signing, there was a valid alternative. Lindelof could have been Virgil Van Dijk, Lukaku could have been Morata and Matic could have been Dier. That means if United hVe a bad season it will fall on Mourinho and the players he chose to sign. 

I haven’t spoken about the money involved because I think it is a useless argument to have at the moment. Until spending rules or caps are introduced, prices will continue to rise as revenues rise. It is, unfortunately, a part of the modern game. 

Players out 

There has been no major departures from Old Trafford so far this window. Mourinho quickly killed the idea of Fellaini going to Galatasaray and De Gea to Madrid seems to be off the table also. 

I think Fellaini should go. It is hard to justify him in a team ahead of Mata, Pogba, Carrick, Matic and Herrera but Mourinho, like Van Gaal and Moyes before him, seems to see something in Fellaini. 

Adnan Januzaj was unlucky at Old Trafford and fail to impress at Sunderland so a move to Real Sociedad was the right thing for the player and the club. Mourinho has trimmed the squad and added quality instead of quantity. United’s season and inevitably his job, depends on the new signings. 


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