Essential Travel Apps Part 1

The most important part of any trip is the planning. A good holiday or travel experience runs smoother when everything is organized. Instead of a polite travel agent to organize everything for you, there are now apps so you can do it all yourself.

These are my favorite travel apps to use when planning a holiday.

5: Duolingo

In many places around the world it may be necessary to have a couple of words in the local language, even if it is just “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “Please” and “Thank You”. Manners and a good effort at a language is almost always appreciated.

Duolingo is one of the best language-learning apps at the moment. It uses pictures and voice response to teach everything from basic words to more complicated grammar.

An excellent app if you want to brush up on the Spanish you haven’t used since you left school or to learn a new language from scratch.

4: Tripit

We have all had the nightmare of looking for a booking and booking reference numbers before a trip. Whose email was used? How long ago was it? Tripit puts all your bookings in one itinerary once you forward your emails to the app.

As soon as you make a booking, it is added to your itinerary and not left to languish in your inbox until the day of departure.

Tripit is especially useful for group trips where information needs to be shared quickly.

3:  TripAdvisor

One of the more well-known apps on the list is TripAdvisor. If you need ideas for activities or detailed reviews of any resort or location, TripAdvisor has been the go-to place for many years now.

Still unrivalled thanks to the vast number of reviews it receives, TripAdvisor is one of those apps that works because of the honest input of its users. Gone are the days of hotels advertising without any question or review.

Nobody believes the tan actor advertising a holiday, they believe the parents of four who just reviewed the Kids Club on TripAdvisor.

2: Skyscanner

Sky scanner could easily be number 1 on this list. It is such an amazing app when planning a trip. The app allows you to search flights and accomadation. In the flig section, you can choose from direct flights or connecting flights as well as loads more filters. 

Typically I would only search major airlines but Skyscanner has shown me a list of affordable alternatives which make any holiday a little bit more affordable. The accomadation a section is not as well rounded as the flights but Trivago and others have that area of the market covered.


1: Trivago/Airbnb

Trivago is essential when booking any hotel for holidays. The extensive filters and price comparison makes it so easy to find the perfect hotel within your price range. 

The reason I have put Trivago and Airbnb together is that it depends on the type of accomadation you are looking for. Airbnb has grown hugely popular in recent years. The more people who book, and rate, on Airbnb makes it more trustworthy and reliable for users. 

There are, of course, thousands of apps on the market that attempt to assist you in booking and planning your perfect getaway but these are the 5 I find most helpful and easiest to use. The 5 combined also cover everything from flights and accomadations  to learning the language. 
If you have any apps that better the ones above, do mention them and make life a little easier for everybody. 


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