Make hay while the plane is delayed

There are few things worse than finding your flight number on the board and as you search for the gate number all you see is DELAYED. 

But, the airport can be a part of your vacation, a part to be enjoyed instead of dreaded. The airport itself will mostly likely have a bar, places to eat and some form of shopping so you can always kill some time there. 

The real trick is to bring your own entertainment. Music, movies, T.V shows and books can all be accessed on your phone or tablet without WIFI if you download before you leave home. 

Netflix allows you to download a variety of shows and movies while Spotify or other music streaming services takes care of your music needs. 

I always recommend bringing a physical book to get your eyes away from a screen for a period, this will help prevent headaches which is the last thing you need if you are delayed. 

Of course, have your charger in your hand luggage so you can recharge your devices if you are delayed long enough to see them run out of battery. 

Enjoy the holiday pictures! We take so many yet we rarely stop to look through them and enjoy them. The airport is a good place to do this and if you find one you really like you can always upload it to social media. 

If you are lucky enough to have access to lounges in your airport then you will have little trouble relaxing and if you are not one of the lucky ones, ask the airline staff if there is anything they can do to make your wait more comfortable, there is no harm in asking. 

Remember delays came before smartphones so there are some old school ways to wait it out; a deck of cards is always handy and will kill so much time if you’re half as competitive as I am. A simple piece of paper and a pen will allow you to play all sorts of childhood games. 

Being stuck in the airport is one of the rare times you can do nothing  but that also means you don’t HAVE to do anything.  Enjoy the time. Read the book you’ve always wanted to or listen to an entire album for the first time since 2002. Use the time productivity. 


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